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As both a professional writer and photographer, I can craft an entire story for your audience with no additional resources necessary.

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365 Japan

What started as a simple pet project grew into a full-blown daily blog. The premise was both elegant and attractive: Japan in “1 image. 100 words. Every day.” Each day, I briefly shared some unusual place, aspect, or event in Japan with an English speaking audience. Though I eventually stopped adding to the project, the audience has continued to grow both on Facebook and on the website.

365 Japan

Featured Work


I began writing for Voyapon in 2018 and within 6 months, I was also editing the work of all the other English writers, recruiting and hiring freelance writers, and managing social media. Recently I was promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief of Voyapon and will be guiding the editorial content and style of the site. My first love, however, will always be the writing.


“You cannot love what you do not know.”  ~Tim Svoboda

This is the philosophy that governs my life in Japan, trying new things and seeking to understand the culture without judgment.

Featured Work


I have written several articles on Medium for a slightly different audience than that of Voyapon. Writing for Medium gives me an opportunity to change the style and content of the writing as an exercise in flexibility and a way to express myself creatively outside the confines of a typical travel assignment.

Todd Fong - Medium.com

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