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Creating Connections Between Japan and the West through stories

I love Japan: its landscapes, its culture, and its people. My passion for this wonderful country helps me to write and photograph Japan in fresh ways, with a child-like curiosity and wonder. Interwining words and images, I weave stories that make people want to know more about this beautifully unique country.



Creator of the blog 365 Japan. 1 image. 100 words. Every day.



Japan travel writing and photography for international media online and print publications.


Co-Editor-in-Chief of Voyapon, editing English articles for over a dozen freelance writers.


Creating customized promotional posts in Facebook and Instagram for companies and local tourism boards.


Communicating important information in easy-to- understand format and beautifully designed diagrams.


Working with tourism boards to develop new ways to present their regions to the English speaking world.

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Why you need a native English content creator

Improve engagement with Your  English speaking audience

Connecting with your foreign audience requires you to help them understand both language and culture. The nuances of the English language make it difficult to translate naturally, just as a person who is perfect in textbook Japanese would sound a bit strange in everyday communication. A native English content creator understands the subtleties of the language as well as differences in Japanese and Western cultures that can affect your engagement with a Western audience.

A Japanese woman dances in an Awa Odori festival in Tokyo, Japan.

Save Time and Money

Translating Japanese content into English can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Because of the differences between Japanese and English in grammatical structure and the many Japanese words that are difficult to express in English, entire sections of text may need to be rewritten in order to be translated. Moreover, translated text usually needs to be polished by an editor, adding more time and cost to the process. Engaging a writer to create new content is faster and less expensive than you might imagine.

Create Unique SEO-Optimized Content

Rather than publishing the same old content rehashed in English, make your media stand out by creating original content. Google search results love new and unique content, especially when the content has been optimized to be searchable. Why take a chance on a translated article that may rarely be seen in search results when you can have something brand new customized just for your business?

Start creating customized native English content and reach new customers today!

Sometimes I Write For Fun and Therapy

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