An exhibit from Tokyo Design Week 2015.


The Japanese language is sprinkled with delightful onomatopoeia.

Perapera ぺらぺら. To be fluent in spoken language, or to be chatty.

Peraperapera is my play on this Japanese term. Although I am nowhere near fluent in the Japanese language, I am forever learning and sharing about the bits of Japanese culture I encounter through my travels around Japan and in my daily life around Tokyo.


author and photographer todd fong in kimono on yellow train


My name is Todd Fong and I came to Japan from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I started a new career as a freelance writer, photographer, and editor. I travel on assignment around Japan, covering travel destinations, cultural events, and the incredible people who make up this fascinating country.

I have been published in Lonely Planet (the upcoming Experience Japan 2021 guide), Metropolis Japan, Tokyo Weekender, Voyapon, and various regional tourism websites around Japan including Visit Kyushu, Setouchi Reflection Trip, and Visit Okinawa. I am also the founder and main contributor to the 365 Japan website and Facebook Page.

Although I keep quite a busy schedule, I’m always interested in hearing about potential projects and business partnerships relating to Japan travel and culture, and meeting fellow writers, photographers, videographers, and influencers who are interested in possible collaborations. If you’d like to consider working with me, please get in touch!

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