AI-yah! – Will ChatGPT Soon Replace Travel Writers?

When it comes to the idea of technology crossing the blurred line into the creative fields, I am a pragmatist.

Forget Kyoto and Tokyo – The 5 Best Alternative Cities for First Time Visitors to Japan

While Kyoto chokes on tourists, countless other cities and regions of Japan that are equally charming, beautiful or historic remain virtually ignored. Here are 5 amazing cities in Japan other than Kyoto and Tokyo that are easily accessible even to first-time visitors to Japan.

The Alien Among Us

You may find yourself at peace in natural surroundings whose love for you isn’t so unrequited… but the image of Kinsaku Baru will haunt you, in a wistful way not entirely unpleasant, and it will change you.

Why You May Never Go To Kochi (Even Though You Should)

Ask many city-dwelling Japanese if they have ever visited Kochi Prefecture in the southern part of Japan's Shikoku Island, and the reaction might include a bit of teeth-sucking. 行くにのちょっと不便だねー Iku ni no chotto fuben da ne? "It's a little inconvenient to get there,...

The Insanity of 21st Century Japanese Katana Sword making

Though the clients have changed, the masters behind the craft remain the same: madmen obsessed with the quality of their blades.

The Green Mile – A Long Road of Practicing Tea Ceremony

What the world’s worst tea ceremony student has learned through practicing tea in Japan, and it isn’t about tea at all.

A Dance of Grace and Fools

The dancers are fools, everyone is a fool, so why not dance? A glimpse at Japan’s Awa Odori festival.

Japan-based writer and photographer

I tell stories, visually and with words, mainly about traveling and cultural experiences in Japan. My appetite to learn more about my adopted home is never satisfied and I take pleasure in traveling off-the-beaten-path to make new friends, see new places, and try new things. My goal is to bring my readers with me vicariously, especially as recent challenges in the world have made Japan such a difficult travel destination.

I write professionally for many English language media and tourism-related websites, but this is my private space to share other thoughts about life and travel in Japan that don’t always fit the narrative of what the clients need.

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I create custom content based on travel and cultural experiences, both text and images. If you are a fellow creator, I collaborate with others to create high quality media materials promoting inbound tourism to Japan, cultural events, and others. If you’re interested in learning more, drop me a note!

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